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Ack! Mission Time! Help!

Posted By Hootie on Feb 11, 2008 at 6:59PM

My son is in 4th grade and has to build a mission. He was assigned, Mission Santa Clara de Asís. It's due by March 5th and his teacher told the class they are not allowed to use mission kits. She will fail them if they use a kit because not everyone can afford them. That sucks! Anyway... They must build them from scratch and be creative. I am not crafty at all, nor is my 10 year old son! My son is stressed because he is a strait A student and this is a huge part of his Social Studies grade. Has anyone done this yet with your kids? Any and all advice will be appreciated! We went to the craft store today and looked at the mission kits just to see what our mission is supposed to look like. This had us both very worried! It has to be to scale and an exact replica. To build such a thing using sugar cubes, popsicle sticks and the like will be almost impossible! I looked at every type of putty, floam, playdoh and clay available with my son. We need major help! Thanks! ♥ Hootie & Hoot Jr.