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Great kid's sunhat!

Posted By bluesuze on May 20, 2008 at 7:49PM

Summer is almost here, and I decided to scour the internet looking for the best sun protection hat for my 15 month old (My 3 year old has a Columbia booney hat that has the spf that works great). I came across a company called Sunday Afternoons. I ordered one of the kid's play hat for my 15 month old (I got the kids size 2 to 5 years) and I am very pleased. It has a really large brim all the way around, so his entire face is shaded. His ears are protected as well as his neck. There is some sort of "veil" at the back of the hat that covers the neck. It's a really lightweight hat with side vents and it also has straps in case of wind. It's got sun protection factor (I forget if it's called spf or upf?) but whatever it is, I believe it's either like 30 or 50 which is excellent. It has a adjustable strap thingie at the back of the head to adjust for a better fit. I also ordered a garden visor for myself and my husband got a men's hat as well, I want him to wear it for cutting the grass. Check them out online sometime.