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Help... Carseat advice needed! - Updated

Posted By stina829 on Mar 4, 2008 at 7:08AM

Ok, yesterday my mom surprised me by buying my son the Britax Marathon Carseat. I've been talking about this seat for a month or so, saying that I was trying to save up and buy it for my son. I've read the reviews and it seems like it's a really great carseat. The manual says that it holds from like 5 lbs to 65 lbs. My son (4 months old) is almost 14 lbs and the straps on his infant carseat are getting really tight on him - to the point that it's hard to get his arms in and out of the straps, and I have it as loose as they can possibly get!

Does anyone have this carseat? And if so, how early did you put your child in it? I want to go ahead and start using it now, but it just looks sooo big and he's still kinda little and now I'm nervous about putting him in it.

Any suggestions from you would be great....


** Update** See my last comment, that's his infant car seat info...

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